Antimalware Service Executable Blue Screen of Death (BSoD)

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Blue Screen of Death is also known as BSOD, Blue Screen or Stop Error code. In a case there is the problem about Antimalware Service Executable. What should you do to fix the error Antimalware Service Executable? You do not be worry if you are having this problem because there are many several ways to fix it. Antimalware Service Executable is the process MsMpEng that used by the Windows Defender program. It is not a virus even it is the antivirus software which protects the system to against malware attacks.

However, Antimalware Service Executable is causing the high CPU/Disk/Memory usage. Of course it will make us re very annoyed with this problem. Well, based on that case, in this time we will share the ways to get rid the problem of Antimalware Service Executable. When you are experiencing the problem with your Antimalware Service Executable, you can try to fix it by its ways. We hope its ways below can solve your problem.

Way 1: Editing Defenders Setting.

  1. Please open your task manager and go the “Process” Tab (for Windows 7) or “Details” Tab (for Windows 8/10) to find the program running process which called as MsMpEng.exe with the Antimalware Service Executable service tag in their description. Next you must right click on that process and select “Open file location” option to open the file’s root directory.
  2. When the directory opened, you can right click on the address bar and click on copy.
  3. Then to make defender aware about to skip which location between the scan processes, so you will need to enter the path in the Windows Defender. Please open your Windows Defender from your Windows Control Panel.
  4. After that you have to go to the setting tab in Windows Defender and it will give you some basic setting options. Here, you have to choose the option which is named “Excluded files and location”. In the upper box, you just paste or enter that path what you recently copied.
  5. If you have done of entering the directory path, so you can click on the add button and then click on save changes to include that location in your defender setting.
  6. The last step, you must restart your computer to see the changes and check whether or not this problem is resolved.

Way 2: Add Antimalware Service Executable to Windows Defender exclusion list.

  1. Please press “Windows key + I key” at the same time to open Windows Setting. Then please scroll down to choose “Update & security”.
  2. Afterwards you have to click “Windows Defender” on the left pane. Then please scroll down to click “Add an exclusion” under “Exclusions” dialog.
  3. Then you will need to scroll down to click “Exclude a .exe, .com or .scr process”.
  4. When the window pop-up, you can type “MsMpEng.exe” in the box. Click Ok.
  5. Finally you have added Antimalware Service Executable to Windows Defender exclusion list.

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